So… my tablet is actually bipolar

So... my tablet is actually bipolar

My tablet’s working (?), sometimes. And I just wanted to share this before I couldn’t use it again.

Right now is a harsh thunderstorm.. so I’ll update some other time OTL


Mayu’s 18th Birthday


Belated happy birthday again to Mayu-chan and thanks for the invite! I hope you liked my gift >__>.. so sorry it’s so simple x__x

Anyways I went as Otoya Ittoki (STARISH idol/concert version) from Uta no Prince-sama along with Kei as Ren Jinguuji (Shining All-Star version) and Jayson as Natsuki Shinomiya (err, well, it was a totally random outfit but tried to look All-star haha). I am also very happy to have met Rye/Jenny!! You’re such an adorable and lovable person you >w< She came as Kaito 😀 But I kept poking on her that she went as Masato wheee~


This is Anne as Len Kagamine and her friend (I SHOULD HAVE ASKED YOUR NAME T__T) as Rin Kagamine~ It was so nice having you guys around ^_^


Me with John Rey (am sorry I’m also such a fan of his cosplays wheeee)

The party was short but it’s so fun >w< Again I’m very thankful to Mayu-chan for the invite. The food was great, the whole gathering is a blast!! How I wished I could have arranged for a party like this before. WHO KNOWS. Maybe I would… before I go?