What took me so long + Ai Mikaze fan art

What took me so long + Ai Mikaze fan art

Oh glowb, my internet couldn’t get any worse. I am not sure if wordpress is having problems lately but I just couldn’t load it no matter what I do. I just happened to finally open my wordpress well this time, and whaddya know, I could finally update my blog!

Anyways, here’s my fan art of Ai Mikaze in his endorsed UtaPri yellow shirt + suspenders. I didn’t include the binary code print on the shirt though since I can’t get a good reference…I didn’t want to guess x__x

Utapri Season 2 coming out this April 3

Utapri Season 2 coming out this April 3

I cannot contain my excitement for Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%!!

So I made this tribute fan art for my favorite character, Syo! //shot for bias

I should have actually drawn this in his All-Star outfit, but, meh, I see it all the time //hipster

So I fancied this outfit instead.

But really, if I get more patience whichIdon’tthinkIwill, I will draw all of them in a photo xDD

To think it’s two days from now!!!

Hmm, I wish my internet won’t get so much traffic on that day!

Syo: Let’s make music

Syo: Let's make music

Wheee, I actually used the base from basesToUse from deviantArt. I honestly suck at anatomy hehe. So I remade the line art and transformed it into Syo!

At first I wasn’t very attracted to this guy until I suddenly related with him. I’m afraid of heights, I don’t like being called cute or short, and I have a deredere friend who sometimes makes me feel creeped out. Hehehe.

Who’s your favorite Utapri character? Mine would be Syo and Natsuki 😀 Ai’s included too because he’s the sempai of the two. LOL sorry for bias. BUT I honestly like all of them. xDD