Looong Hiatus

Looong Hiatus

Looks like this would be my last cosplay for now. I just moved in to Perth, Western Australia right now. I know that there are great photoshoot locations here—but my problem is, I still have to know some people in the community here, and I’ve yet to get my own DSLR and a tripod to get some shots on my own.

Australia’s really great! The people are all hospitable, the weather’s perfect, and the places are all so clean and neat. All the rules are well-implemented and the food is so yummy! I will not have to feel scared walking around the village alone now; I used to be so afraid commuting back in my home country since thieves might snatch my phone or jewelry…

I’ll post some scenery photos when I get to take some pictures.



Uguu. It’s just a month and I’ll be settling to AU. Everyday I keep segregating my stuff, and then doing meet-ups for people who are interested in buying my things that I put for sale. Today I just took the time to do a simple doodle of Nanami ~

Btw I also got my hands on RPG Maker VX. But for some reason I really like RPG Maker 2003 better. Maybe it’s because of the battle system. But I wonder if RPG Maker VX can also handle battles that don’t require changing screens for a battle scene (something similar to Ragnarok Online or action rpgs).

Oh and don’t ask me about Free and Shingeki no Kyojin. I have totally isolated myself in the dark due to all these busy schedules. TT___TT

But I worry not since I know all hard work is rewarded. ^u^

End of UtaPri Season 2 + Current Fandom

End of UtaPri Season 2 + Current Fandom

So today marks the end for Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%. I have mixed feelings towards it. When it started, I thought that STARISH would be competing against their senpai-tachi (Quartet Night) for the UtaPri Award. But lo and behold, there came another group, HEAVENS. And I was a little sad about Quartet Night not having that much screen time and getting individual songs. I think if there is a potential OVA or third season, Quartet Night is bound to have their own story, including HEAVENS. If they were to have individual songs… four + three = seven, similar to STARISH’s seven individual episodes. Haha, what am I thinking =)

Anyways I have a new fandom right now, and I know I’m pretty late. I’m loving Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic! I have always been interested with adventure genre, and this just fits perfectly for my interests. The story is just so dark even if the protagonists are young, especially Aladdin.

I’m currently at Episode 17, I’ve yet to find out what else is going to happen.