Looong Hiatus

Looong Hiatus

Looks like this would be my last cosplay for now. I just moved in to Perth, Western Australia right now. I know that there are great photoshoot locations here—but my problem is, I still have to know some people in the community here, and I’ve yet to get my own DSLR and a tripod to get some shots on my own.

Australia’s really great! The people are all hospitable, the weather’s perfect, and the places are all so clean and neat. All the rules are well-implemented and the food is so yummy! I will not have to feel scared walking around the village alone now; I used to be so afraid commuting back in my home country since thieves might snatch my phone or jewelry…

I’ll post some scenery photos when I get to take some pictures.

Maji Love 2000% minishoot


ImageSo… I was finally able to finish this! (I will still be fixing the rope since yeah, I know, I still lack the metal stuff and tie it near the tussle on the right). It’s all thanks to Devian Grey (lazyeight) for making my hat, capelet and gloves…plus my adorable cousin Piko for the wig!! The rest, I scouted over the thrift shops. And modified myself. Yay!

This is not the last of this costume though. I have yet to wear it along with a few friends. ^^

Happy Birthday Syo + Story so far


So, I’m like, I vanished for a few weeks, a month? |||oTL. My internet has been screwing up and it won’t load wordpress no matter what I do. I’m just glad to be back on!

Anyways, this photo is a trial of me, cosplaying Syo Kurusu from Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%. It’s also my tribute for Syo’s birthday tomorrow, June 9! Yay!

I have still yet to fix the emblem on the back and the gold rope connecting to the tussle. The rest are all fine since I have my proper suspenders already, boots, and pants.

I can’t wait to debut this costume soon~ But then, I’m pretty much in a slump and I don’t feel like cosplaying “out there” yet.

Syo Summer Shoot AKA SSS xD

Finally, I’ve gotten a shoot of my Saotome summer uniform as Kurusu Syo!


That’s only one of my photos that shows the pants decently.┬áThe rest don’t show the pants anymore… thinking that those were actually the most expensive part of this costume.. the rest were just scavenged and repaired by yours truly . . . the pants, I found them in UNIQLO, the exact green checkered pants… I was desperate so I bought it hahaha! It was so hard finding a fabric close to it D:


Maximum Manliness!!! Hahaha, I kid. That’s just a random BTS photo xD


I guess this is it for now. Sorry for the lack of photos! My internet wouldn’t allow me to upload everything x___x

and I’m kinda on a block on making creative stuff right now. T__T