Uguu. It’s just a month and I’ll be settling to AU. Everyday I keep segregating my stuff, and then doing meet-ups for people who are interested in buying my things that I put for sale. Today I just took the time to do a simple doodle of Nanami ~

Btw I also got my hands on RPG Maker VX. But for some reason I really like RPG Maker 2003 better. Maybe it’s because of the battle system. But I wonder if RPG Maker VX can also handle battles that don’t require changing screens for a battle scene (something similar to Ragnarok Online or action rpgs).

Oh and don’t ask me about Free and Shingeki no Kyojin. I have totally isolated myself in the dark due to all these busy schedules. TT___TT

But I worry not since I know all hard work is rewarded. ^u^

Make-up Differences

Syo KurusuHaruka Nanami

If you’ve noticed there’s a make-up difference for the two :3

On the left is Kurusu Syo, and the right is Haruka Nanami, both from Uta no Prince-sama.

I usually opt for false eyelashes, blusher and lip gloss for females (but then on the photo, I didn’t have them because Nanami doesn’t really have elaborate make-up). And for males, I am particular with eyebrow shape, and lip concealer. I used to actually use a real concealer for the lips but when I discovered lip concealer, it actually looks and feels better!! Using a lip concealer is actually like using lipstick… It won’t chap your lips and it smells good! I am using Nature Republic’s Mango Bebe Lip Concealer. It feels very moisturizing at the same time, it gives a good concealing effect. Perfect for male cosplay >3<

But this is the make-up I can’t be without, whether for female or male:


Yes bb cream is good for concealing blemishes and pores. I admit I don’t have good skin and I suffer from zits from time to time, but bb cream never fails to conceal them heehee. I am using Tony Moly’s Aqua Aura BB cream. It has very good coverage and it stays on without a primer! You’d have to get a make-up remover to remove it well though…

Oh and for the eyebrows. I am very particular with eyebrow shape. If I know a certain character is tough, I make them look more arched and stuff. Usually with gentle characters, I don’t change my eyebrow shape or conceal them at all. I just color them accordingly.

sora5Hahaha, excuse my expression for this one. But yes, if you notice, I followed Sora’s eyebrow shape rather than just keeping my normal eyebrows. It wouldn’t be so Sora-ish if I didn’t try to change them, yes?

Oh and consider contouring too. I have a very round face, so if I plan to cosplay characters with cheekbones or prominent nose bridges, I put some make-up contouring for making the nose look more prominent and shade on the cheekbones and jawline.

BTW: Note before trying on any make-up….. Make sure you test them for allergies and other stuff. You don’t want to break out or get icky rashes right after using them! It’s better to invest on pricey cosmetics rather than just buy cheap ones that will make your skin suffer in the end. That will be more expensive because you’d end up going to spend for treatment!

Before I forget, this is how I conceal my eyebrows and color them:

eyebrow-tutorialThe glue stick REALLY does wonders. I don’t actually bother shaving or plucking my eyebrows, and I’d get creepy glares if I do so. Just make sure to dry the glue well first before applying concealer. I actually discovered something that works better:

After the glue has dried, apply some powder on it first so that it would be less sticky. I’ve realized that putting the concealer right away smudges the glue and doesn’t conceal too well. So, put powder first then add your concealer or foundation.

And about eyeliner:

I prefer liquid eyeliner. I’m using K-Palette’s Tattoo eyeliner; it has a very thin brush and is VERY EASY TO APPLY!! It also stays on for a very long time too without smudging.

And if you ask about contact lenses:

Yes, they do add to make your cosplay have more impact. In my case, I have very sensitive eyes. I do use contact lenses but it depends on the diameter and thickness. I usually use the 2-month disposable contact lenses or the ones with bigger diameter. I just couldn’t bear the smaller lenses since they tend to dry faster on me and they keep irritating me as well. I actually started NOT wearing lenses since I was too scared to put them on. To me it doesn’t actually matter if I wear them or not.

I guess this is it for now~

Hope this helps!