I’m Alive (?)

I'm Alive (?)

I’m already here in Perth, Western Australia.
And here’s a rather off trial of me as Haruka Nanase from Free!

I won’t be too active in cosplay for now, though. I ain’t quitting, but just a break, since, I still have to settle and all.

So how’s everyone?

Maji Love 2000% minishoot


ImageSo… I was finally able to finish this! (I will still be fixing the rope since yeah, I know, I still lack the metal stuff and tie it near the tussle on the right). It’s all thanks to Devian Grey (lazyeight) for making my hat, capelet and gloves…plus my adorable cousin Piko for the wig!! The rest, I scouted over the thrift shops. And modified myself. Yay!

This is not the last of this costume though. I have yet to wear it along with a few friends. ^^

Happy Birthday Syo + Story so far


So, I’m like, I vanished for a few weeks, a month? |||oTL. My internet has been screwing up and it won’t load wordpress no matter what I do. I’m just glad to be back on!

Anyways, this photo is a trial of me, cosplaying Syo Kurusu from Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%. It’s also my tribute for Syo’s birthday tomorrow, June 9! Yay!

I have still yet to fix the emblem on the back and the gold rope connecting to the tussle. The rest are all fine since I have my proper suspenders already, boots, and pants.

I can’t wait to debut this costume soon~ But then, I’m pretty much in a slump and I don’t feel like cosplaying “out there” yet.

My sudden cosplay woes and rants

My sudden cosplay woes and rants

Ahaha, I know, the photo is quite inappropriate. But anyways I just somehow miss cosplaying as well. I’m the Nanami (don’t kill me) in this photo and my friend Anne as Syo (don’t confuse; we just happened to have a similar Syo outfit hehe). That photo was taken during a Christmas Toy fair.

All right, on with the topic.

I just wanted to let off some steam. I think it’s around a month since I haven’t done any cosplay preparations or anything related of the sort. I’ve been feeling some angst towards…well, I wouldn’t say cosplay itself, maybe about the community.

1) Being in the “circle”
I couldn’t explain this well, but, my point is. If you’re not in some kind of fandom or language the majority speaks, you won’t be considered a good cosplayer or someone commendable at least. The reason why it’s very scarce for me to be in groups is because I’m not a fujoshi, and I always follow canon/official pairs or story. It’s kind of common in the community I am in now to cosplay the series in its fanservice glory, staying away from the true plot. I am already being honest now, and if this makes you dislike me, go ahead and unfollow my blog or never drop by any of my accounts. I sometimes support a little fanservice but not to the point that I support it more than the official plot or pairings.

2) Fan base
It seems everyone’s so focused into getting people hooked into their craft. What did you cosplay for, just so you could forcefully make people notice you? I actually deleted my page last month because I thought it was pretty stagnant and I couldn’t blog well in it. I do cosplay the same way I do my fan art. The only difference is that cosplay is a lot of hobbies in one – photography, make-up, acting, tailoring, prop making, wig styling, and many more. I’m not so sure what is the fuss of having to force people to follow or like your page.. If you’re likeable then why not just let people like or follow you naturally?

3) Cosplay. Cosplay everywhere
Recently in my country, just about any event, they pit cosplay in even if it’s irrelevant. Are you trying to make cosplayers look like a band of clowns? And for cosplayers still joining the cosplay in an irrelevant event – what do you want to do? Make yourselves humiliating? I’d understand if you’d take advantage of the event to have photoshoots legally – I do it too, because normally, you’d need permits to have shoots if there’s no event. But if to cosplay to just actually make yourself miserable, I’m not sure if you just want to render any unnecessary attention or just plainly, seeking ALL the attention.

4) Treating popular cosplayers as gods
No seriously, I did the exaggeration on purpose. Dude, just because they’re good at cosplaying doesn’t mean they OWN the character. Anybody else can cosplay the same character as that popular cosplayer….why discourage people? Unless they made or bought the character, no one has the right to tell who suits this character better in cosplay. Just mind your own business. Please?

5) Last rant. Having all the wrong priorities.
Cosplay is a fun hobby. But family, work, and education comes first. For me, though. But it’s your business anyway if you treat cosplay as the most important thing ever. I’m not sure why some people could give up important family gatherings, work sched or classes just to attend cosplay events. Cosplay will always be there, it doesn’t need to be in an event. But those important schedules such as work and school? They will not adjust for you and they are for your future…unless cosplay is the one that feeds you and your family and your life depends on it.

Sorry for such an angsty and hateful post. I needed to vent these all out before I start hating on the hobby that I (used to) love.