Uguu. It’s just a month and I’ll be settling to AU. Everyday I keep segregating my stuff, and then doing meet-ups for people who are interested in buying my things that I put for sale. Today I just took the time to do a simple doodle of Nanami ~

Btw I also got my hands on RPG Maker VX. But for some reason I really like RPG Maker 2003 better. Maybe it’s because of the battle system. But I wonder if RPG Maker VX can also handle battles that don’t require changing screens for a battle scene (something similar to Ragnarok Online or action rpgs).

Oh and don’t ask me about Free and Shingeki no Kyojin. I have totally isolated myself in the dark due to all these busy schedules. TT___TT

But I worry not since I know all hard work is rewarded. ^u^