So… my tablet is actually bipolar

So... my tablet is actually bipolar

My tablet’s working (?), sometimes. And I just wanted to share this before I couldn’t use it again.

Right now is a harsh thunderstorm.. so I’ll update some other time OTL


Looong Hiatus

Looong Hiatus

Looks like this would be my last cosplay for now. I just moved in to Perth, Western Australia right now. I know that there are great photoshoot locations here—but my problem is, I still have to know some people in the community here, and I’ve yet to get my own DSLR and a tripod to get some shots on my own.

Australia’s really great! The people are all hospitable, the weather’s perfect, and the places are all so clean and neat. All the rules are well-implemented and the food is so yummy! I will not have to feel scared walking around the village alone now; I used to be so afraid commuting back in my home country since thieves might snatch my phone or jewelry…

I’ll post some scenery photos when I get to take some pictures.