My graphic tablet died

Soo… it would be a long time before I could get back to digital art </3

My graphic tablet broke and I couldn’t afford to get a new one soon. Oh well. Looks like I have to suck this up and make do with traditional art  (oh wait, I don’t have materials anymore). TT___TT



I think this is a sign that art really isn’t my field <////3



Uguu. It’s just a month and I’ll be settling to AU. Everyday I keep segregating my stuff, and then doing meet-ups for people who are interested in buying my things that I put for sale. Today I just took the time to do a simple doodle of Nanami ~

Btw I also got my hands on RPG Maker VX. But for some reason I really like RPG Maker 2003 better. Maybe it’s because of the battle system. But I wonder if RPG Maker VX can also handle battles that don’t require changing screens for a battle scene (something similar to Ragnarok Online or action rpgs).

Oh and don’t ask me about Free and Shingeki no Kyojin. I have totally isolated myself in the dark due to all these busy schedules. TT___TT

But I worry not since I know all hard work is rewarded. ^u^

Making a random RPG

Making a random RPG

Soo… I got my hands on RPG Maker 2003. Yeah, I know, I should have gotten RPG Maker XP or VX.

But I want the old-school style of RPGs so I went with this. Aaaand, my little netbook cannot handle game development that has intricate graphics.

I called my random RPG as “Shuffle Saga”.
I just made use of the available resources in RM2k3 and renamed everyone… So the main hero here is “Celsius”… He woke up in a different realm and finds himself helping other people just so he could help himself get back home.

No, it’s not like Final Fantasy X. Unlike FF10, Celsius was not aware how or why he was transported into a different place.

>A< Ahh, even if everything seems more simple compared to other game dev softwares I've used… This is pretty darn time-consuming and cumbersome. But because I want to finish this, at least…

I'll finish this so that I would at least have something I'm proud to have accomplished haha xD