Cosplay Feature: Stella Nox Fleuret by Rieyn

Cosplay Feature: Stella Nox Fleuret by Rieyn

I’m also a fan of Rieyn from dA!! Rieyn btw is from Singapore~

Since I’m an avid Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heatrs fan, I look into her cosplays and saw this gorgeous cosplay of her as Stella, from Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which is rumored to be Final Fantasy XV)…

Do check her out!

Syo Summer Shoot AKA SSS xD

Finally, I’ve gotten a shoot of my Saotome summer uniform as Kurusu Syo!


That’s only one of my photos that shows the pants decently. The rest don’t show the pants anymore… thinking that those were actually the most expensive part of this costume.. the rest were just scavenged and repaired by yours truly . . . the pants, I found them in UNIQLO, the exact green checkered pants… I was desperate so I bought it hahaha! It was so hard finding a fabric close to it D:


Maximum Manliness!!! Hahaha, I kid. That’s just a random BTS photo xD


I guess this is it for now. Sorry for the lack of photos! My internet wouldn’t allow me to upload everything x___x

and I’m kinda on a block on making creative stuff right now. T__T

Starish Debut || Ozine Fest ’13 Day 2

It was a total jam-packed ride of lulz and feels! Although we lack Ren, Ittoki, and Haruka, we still managed. And we got Ai-sempai >3<


See, Ai-sempai (Piko) is adorable with all the Piyo-chans!!!



But Piyo-chan is not the least amused. Very not amused. It goes like. Y U EAT MY RELATIVES. Hahahahaha xDDD



These two (Masa-chan!Rein and Ichinose-san!Momo) are forever facepalm. Yuu gaiz too awesome together why you so shy to take photo!!! Oh because you’re cheating on Ren and Ittoki while they are away huh.


ImageOur Triangle Beat trio! Me as Syo, MJ as Na-chan (she is so kawaii and moe. so adorabblllee <3), and Piko as Ai-sempai.


ImageMe with Jyh. So far this is my only decent kinda whole-body shot. Still waiting for the photos to be upped.

Well, honestly I cannot say a comment about the event itself //shotdead

We didn’t go inside the event. It was crowded and I was almost suffocating thanks to my three layers of clothing (jacket, another jacket, and an inside shirt!!!), and the intense heat! I think I will pass out if I decide to go in with all the people. What more with Day 3, it’s the legit Cosplay Competition day. During day 2 there was no cosplay contest but of course cosplaying is allowed as it is a themed event. Security was steep as usual so it wasn’t easy to take photos around. Although I wished they could have allowed some people to take photos when they weren’t bothering anyone or obstructing the way. I mean, they’re not blocking anyone or anything, and they’re not disturbing anyone either so why forbid >___>

Anyways I think this would be my last event for now. Hopefully just attend photoshoots if ever but I would not be attending events anymore. Well, still depends. I need to choose location well now and make sure the ventilation is good. Especially with thick clothing like Syo’s? I’m surely not gonna survive if the place would lack space and all.